Garrett McQueen interviews Katie Brown, left, and Dalanie Harris.Garrett McQueen interviews Katie Brown, left, and Dalanie Harris.

Opus 2 - Classically Black

Katie Brown and Dalanie Harris became friends while attending the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, N.Y. The experiences they share as black women in classical music led them to creating their own podcast, Classically Black. In this episode, Garrett and Scott talk about some of the challenges they've experienced in conversations surrounding race, followed by an interview that Garrett conducted with Katie and Dalanie in February at the Sphinx Conference in Detroit.
Garrett McQueen and Marion DooleyGarrett McQueen and Marion Dooley

Opus 1 - Marion Dooley

Why is representation in classical music important? What does it feel like for black millennials in the concert hall? How is the music experience unique at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs)? Garrett and Scott explore those topics, and more, before hearing from Marion Dooley, who reached out to Garrett after seeing him perform with the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. Marion shares his perspectives, and offers insight into a world he thinks more people should know about.