Opus 41 - 'Off the Page'

Davu Seru

Opus 41 - 'Off the Page'

Garrett and Scott wrap up Black History Month with improvisatory composer Davu Seru, who joins them for an in-depth conversation on black history, community, literature, gardening, and music! Seru and deVon Russell Gray share a live improvisation at the end of this opus. In the prelude, Garrett and Scott respond to listener requests by revisiting a previous conversation regarding The American Rhapsody.

Episode Playlist
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor – African Dance No. 1
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor/Aaron Dworkin – The American Rhapsody

Davu Seru and deVon Russel Gray

Davu Seru on “Minnesota Original”
“George Washington, the slave owner” blog post
Trilloquy Op. 37

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