Opus 28 - Cultural Cornucopia

George Maurer

Opus 28 - Cultural Cornucopia

Aside from family, friends and food, Thanksgiving is a time of year some find a little challenging due to the way it has perpetuated a false narrative concerning Indigenous communities and European colonizers. In this opus, Garrett and Scott chat with George Maurer on this subject. He’s a world-traveling composer who has made authentic connections with communities everywhere, including some of North America’s Indigenous reservations. In the prelude, the hosts talk about their relationships with Thanksgiving, some of the music they associate with this time of year, and a Pulitzer Prize-winning composition that provoked an Inuit musician to call foul.

Episode Playlist
Mark O'Connor – Johnny Appleseed Suite
Bing Crosby – “I’ve Got Plenty to Be Thankful For”
Kanye West – “Say You Will”
Tanya Tagaq on Inuit Throat Singing
Caroline Shaw – Partita

“Caroline Shaw Sings Her Own Song”
Caroline Shaw/Roomful of Teeth Public Response to Appropriation Claim